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I'm Bec Oakley and you've landed at Snagglebox, 
a place with autism information that's easy to understand 
in a space that's (hopefully) comfortable for everybody.

No ads, no drama, no sensory or information overload. 

So come on in!
There's useful stuff inside.


Where To Start?

There's a lot of stuff to read on Snagglebox. Your head will explode if you try to tackle it all at once, so here are some good places to get started...

Want to understand more about autism?

99 Questions About Autism
Anybody Can Have A Meltdown
The Lowdown On Literal Thinking
What's The Deal With Perseveration

Looking for parenting support?

The Awesomely Big List of Ways To Help Parents of Autistic Kids
Realistic And (Almost) Totally Free Ways To Get Respite
Adjusting Your Priorities
When Your Family Doesn't Understand Autism

Need downloadable resources?

The Autism Preparation Kit For Teachers
The Super Useful Guide To Managing Meltdowns
45 Ideas For Classroom Friendly Fidgets

Looking for something to make you smile?

Real Parent Pinterest
17 Things 'The Princess Bride' Taught Me About Parenting
The Great DIY Weighted Blanket Experiment


Still looking for something to read?
The blog is updated a few times a week, and there are loads more articles about topics like autism diagnosis and homeschooling and Minecraft. Enjoy!



About Bec

I'm a writer who lives in a pretty part of Australia with trees and beaches and various wingy things that don't like me very much.

Before I started homeschooling my fantastic teenage boys Attie and Max, my career meandered through psychology and autism research before taking a sharp turn into the glamorous world of data analysis. Autism is part of what makes me and my kids who we are, so these days I'm passionate about helping people understand what it's all about. I'm afraid of my closet, flash mobs make me cry and if I could go back in time I would definitely teach younger me how to cartwheel.

Along with the articles and resources you'll find here on Snagglebox, I'm really proud of the series of children's storybooks that I've written in conjunction with the Help A Child Grow Fund to benefit kids and young people with disabilities. You can read more about them on the Books page.

What The FAQ?

What's Snagglebox all about?

Snagglebox is primarily a place that supports anyone looking to understand more about autism - autistic people, their parents and families, teachers, health professionals. I aim for honest, practical but encouraging help and useful information explained simply. I also write about other things here too, like being a parent and Minecraft and homeschooling and life.

What will I find here?

There are four main sections to the website:

  • Articles - Information about autism and support for parents
  • Blog - Stories from my daily life and links to interesting things
  • Downloads - Handy resources like ebooks and graphics
  • Books - Details of my print publications

Who writes Snagglebox?

My name is Bec Oakley, and you can read more about me here.

Did you write all this stuff yourself?

Yep, the posts on Snagglebox are original content from the big store in my brain that I like to call Stuffy Stuff Stuff. I've been reading and thinking about autism for over twenty years now so it was getting pretty full.

The information and tips you'll find here are based on my knowledge and experience only and not meant to be taken as, or substitute for, professional advice. I whole-heartedly encourage you to look stuff up.

Why do you spell things wrong?

I'm Australian, so I do odd things like throw around extra U's in words like behaviour and call vacations 'holidays'. I also have koalas living in my roof.

Why do you use 'autistic' instead of 'person with autism'?

I understand that many people have been taught that person-first language is the respectful way to refer to people with disabilities - and indeed this is the case for many disability groups and communities. It is not the preference for many people in the autism community.

I choose to use the word 'autistic' throughout my articles and blog, and I explain more about that here and here.

What's a Snagglebox?

Just a word that I made up.

How come there are no comments on your posts?

I want this to be a safe space, and for me that means having comments turned off. I want to protect both myself and my readers from spam and trolls, and with comments enabled that can be really time-consuming - time that I’d rather spend writing more content. The internet is also a noisy place, and sometimes it can be nice to have a quiet corner to read and think away from the chatter.

But I do love hearing about how a post has helped someone or to talk about the issues in more depth. There are plenty of safe, non-overloading ways for us to have that conversation - here’s a list of places you can find me on social media, and you can email me directly using this contact form.

So please do, I’d really enjoy hearing from you!

Can I reprint your articles?

All content on Snagglebox can be reproduced in non-commercial forms such as newsletters, blogs and websites if you contact me first to ask permission. Please use only a few paragraphs with a link back to the original post. Attribution must be given to Bec Oakley at

Will you promote my product?

Sorry, Snagglebox is an ad-free zone so I don't accept submissions for sponsored posts.

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